How to get a boyfriend

how to get a boyfriendSo you want a boyfriend? Well, the biggest mistake that people on the hunt do is that you lack a plan and you need to have some qualities to be a perfect girlfriend. Yes, you know that you want a boyfriend but you have no strategy Ingot there. Everything in life is about planning and following your plans through. Forge movies that tell you will bump into him somehow in your everyday errands. I am not saying it doesn’t happen.

Be Realistic

Well, it happens but how often? Ask yourself that question and be realistic with your expectations. The problem with women out for a relationship is having wrong expectation. Why do you want a boyfriend? Sex ? Money?  Someone for company?  Someone to keep your phone busy?

One thing you need to understand is that you need to first feel complete for a relationship with another human being to work. Do not tie your life down with someone else who makes you feel that without them your world is in shambles. Trust me, you will be treading where even angels fear to tread.

Be realistic in the sense that you are looking for a boyfriend for all the right reasons. Not money, not sex, not any of that wrong stuff. Look Iota boyfriend because you can live with someone else, accepting them as whole and not wanting to change than into your idea of a good boyfriend.

Watch your Image

They say image is everything. Well, maybe. If you want to appear as someone civilized, you have to act like a civilized person. I wouldn’t want to date a person who comes across as uncivilized. I want that guy who understands chivalry. Those are my expectations. Are they realistic? Yes. But, if I want to date such a guy, I should also appear civilized. Look for your crowd and toe the line. Be one with them and you will surely get a boyfriend who matches your expectations.

Of Exes I can’t believe I have to say this: please do not talk about your exes when you are talking to new people. Forget about that part of your life. Talk about things that you share in common that are not unnerving. Good conversations always win people to your side. Do you love to read? Talk about books. Do not bring the bitter in you. No whining. Be happy. People are attracted to any place with smiles more than tears and bickering.

Changing People

You need to understand that it’s not your work to change people. The notion that people hold of making people what they want them to be is just a farce. Adopt the mentality that you are unique and you want to share your life with another unique human being. Do not alter this person’s way of life unless that person is willing to change. How do you know the person wants to change? He or she will just evolve without your involvement. If you have to keep bickering to get something done something’s wrong, you are acting needy and desperate.

Of Desperation and Need

Some women tend to want a boyfriend because they have reached a point of their lives where they feel so alone. Don’t go down this road. The desperation road does not make people to have rational thinking. You need to be sober to gala good guy for a boyfriend or you’ll just wonder what’s wrong with your relationships when you are actually the problem.

Being needy can make you settle for anything even a guy you never thought you could date. So have standards and stick with them. In my experience, do not settle for less than you think you deserve, seriously.

What’s your Self Worth?

How do you value yourself? Do you find yourself valuable? If you find no worth in yourself, then that’s the same energy you put out there. People will treat you that way. If the energy you put out there is negative, you will attract unhealthy relationships. Go with positivity to meet people, do not act desperate for attention and be yourself by all means. There is nothing hard like faking a personality. Just be natural and you will get a boyfriend.

The earth has 7 billion people. Out of this number, there are enough people to match your personality. Do not force a personality to find into your circles because it will only bring pain and tears into your life. Be yourself and the right people will find you in good time.

Be patient too. Hurry has no blessings. You will get a boy friend soon enough. Do not succumb to pressure from family and friends. There is no deadline to getting a boyfriend.


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