How to impress a guy

how to impress a guyMen are from Mars, they say. That could be true but there is no need to try too hard to impress a man to an extent of visiting Mars itself. What you should be sure of is that men are so simple and very easily impressed. Rather than struggling to win them over, focus more on being just what you are: embrace your quirks and be a partner full of fun as well as conversational skills. Flaunt your unique and strong personality. You can mend it a bit if you need to, but as long as you share a common interest with the guy, be sure to impress him.

Ladies, the very moment you catch a guy’s eye, he knows you have interest in him. Nothing makes a man happier than knowing that a pretty woman cares about him. Base your conversation on things he loves doing or those he is fascinated with. Do not however turn this into an interview session lest you put him off for no one loves bombard’, personal questions. Allow him to open up to you bit by bit as you too unfold your personality to him. You can keep it light; probably talking about his best friends, dog and favorite sport as well as team. After this, the serious stuff will present itself naturally. After a tactful cross-examination of his interests, you will be able to discover a number of aspects you two share. Establishing a common ground should help you manage to bring about more subjects for discussion. Chances that he will be impressed by you more are high at this point. Get to know a few players in his favorite team for instance. Most guys are crazy about soccer and yours may not be an exception. Follow him to the La Liga and establish your common ground even if it is just by cramming the name of his team’s coach.

Since men are mostly impressed with what they see, ensure to be positive about your general body language. Your body should help you talk. If you two are on the verge of having fun or good time, let your body say so in an open stance. The first reaction is always the most natural and sincere in intimate communication. Smile and show him how disarming you can get and that you are ready to have good time. One of the simplest yet paramount body language you should adopt is ensuring your arms are at your sides rather than folding them across the chest whenever you are having a conversation. Alternatively, you can use them to gesture as you speak. A guy also feels a lot more special if you make eye contact while chatting with him. Only then will he know that he has your attention. Feel free to flirt with him a little, but do not overdo it. Don’t cross the boundary that qualifies you a `gentle’ lady and not a slut. For example, you can occasionally lick your lips or play with your hair and watch his feedback. A little giggling and flirting will show him that you like him and this can get you really far.

Also, let him discover how unique you are on his own. If you have to tell him how great you are in your track team, do it in a modest way. If he smells even a whiff of a braggart you, he may recoil. Let him figure out how extraordinary you are in order for him to be really sure that pursuing you will be worth. The best way of helping him unwrap your unique personality is to just be yourself. Pursue your interests like you would normally do. Do not fear being different from others. If you are this beautiful lady that loves rugby or even cricket, then let this be your strength.

Excel in the unique areas: draw comic strips, dance the polka or even write science fiction and let him see. Which guy does not love an all round lady anyway? Additionally, guys want an appealing woman: the hard to get type. So, rather than sitting there desperately waiting for your phone to ring, or expecting a text message from the guy you think is the right one, go out and blast it out with your girlfriends. That way, he will know that you can be alright with your friends and do not need a guy to come along for you to have superb time. This should not mean that you ignore the guys walking up to you; just that you must not .k so desperate for attention from them.

If you want to impress a guy long enough, try building an excellent personality. Being charismatic helps you charm everybody you encounter. There is a difference between charisma and being overly loud and dramatic. Apart from being charismatic, be witty. Guys are easily swayed by an intelligent and sharp girl for she is funny, creative and views the world in an authentic way. This should be coupled with confidence. It is the confidence that makes a girl walk with her head held high and looking straight ahead. How else will you manage to establish eye contact with the guy you want to impress? More so, being independent impresses a guy a great deal. A clingy girl only makes a guy’s life difficult. Guys would love a woman hanging out with them yet at the same time being on her own. Such a woman can think and act sensibly especially during a crisis.

So do not just sit there. And do not wander too far. It is that minute detail you have always overlooked or hidden from him that will make him turn and stop you from passing him just like that. Every guy can be impressed only if ladies knew which buttons to press, at what time and for how long.


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